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Our Logo

Ang Mo Kio Secondary School Logo
    The new corporate logo embodies the spirit of a dynamic and forward-looking organisation which is all fired up and ready to face the challenges of the new millennium.

    Our vision to reach out and touch the future is portrayed by the fluidity of the brush strokes.  Surging upwards towards a shared vision, the three strokes represent a tripartite partnership among pupils, staff and stakeholders and the school’s commitment to a total systems approach in our work.

    The solid 3-D pillar represents the firm foundation provided by the school to support our people in their desire to be creative, resourceful and independent.  The ring which surrounds the school and  its people represents the collective team spirit of the people who work together harmoniously in a gracious community.  It is deliberately not fully circled so as to allow scope for change, flexibility, creativity and growth.  The broad green circumference radiates energy and confidence, capturing the indomitable essence of a progressive and forward-looking school that is geared-up and ready to meet global challenges.

    The logo’s fluidity and dynamism is balanced by the dignity and the authority of the typeface which reinforces our conviction that ‘if it has to be... its up to me.’

Ang Mo Kio Secondary School Building Ang Mo Kio Secondary School Building Ang Mo Kio Secondary School Building