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Mdm Teo Shihui
Mrs Jessica Knapp
 Miss Linda Soh
 Miss Trishna d/o Ashok Doulatram

Miss Elizabeth Cheong

Office Bearers
B Division Captain
Fayth Wong 4/4
B Division Co-captain
Sara Chan 4/1
B Division Co-captain
Lim Wan Hsin 3/2
C Division Captain
Hilary Chua 2/2
C Division Co-captain
Dyan Sofyna 2/3

Choosing to be part of this CCA is one of the best choices that I have made in my life. I had my reservations at first as we were not an achieving CCA but we were never denied the opportunities to take part in various carnivals and friendly games. 

Even though there are occasional disagreements among the team members, we always manage to find a way to resolve our differences and as such, we become a stronger and better team. If I have to describe this team in three words, these words would be “unique”, “playful” and “strong”. My teammates and I take joy in one another’s company and share many fun and joyful moments. 

I am proud to be in a team that puts in its 110% effort into every training session and every match. This is the team that I have cried with after losing a game and even after winning a game. My teammates, teachers and coach have shaped me into a better person. I am no longer the weakling who gave up after just one round of running. I have learnt to persevere and have more self-discipline. I have no regrets joining the team and I will miss playing with my teammates. I am thankful for all my teammates, coach and teachers. I would also like to give words of thanks to Sara - you are an amazing vice-captain and thank you for all the help and encouragement. 

Fayth Wong
Captain 2017

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