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Boys Brigade

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Mr. Victor Tan Seng Juay (IC)
Mdm Wong Fui Yen (2I/C)
Chaplain: Rev Bernard Yee
Captain: Lt Choo Heng Yu
Officer Commanding: 2LT HC Li 
Officers: 2LT Lai Siew Chin
2LT Roger Fu
2LT Jedrick Goh
OCT Winston Loh

Executive Committee 2017
Company Sergeant Major SSG Teg Tiwana Singh (Sec 4/4)
Deputy Company Sergeant Major SGT Lim Yi Xian (Sec 3/4)
Company Mentor WO Lim Yu Ren (Sec 5A2)
WO Joseph See (Sec 5A1)
Squad Alpha Leader SGT Lim Yi Xian (Sec 3/4)
Assistant Squad Alpha Leader CPL Zhao Zipeng (Sec 3/2)
Squad Bravo Leader SGT Vince Tan Guan Xun (Sec 3A3)
Assistant Squad Bravo Leader  CPL Jimmy Poh Chuan (Sec 3A3)
Squad Charlie Leader SGT Lim Jun Wei (Sec 4/1)
Assistant Squad Charlie Leader CPL Wilfrid Lim Jun Sheng (Sec 3/2)

The objective of the 64th Singapore Boy's Brigade Company is to assist the school in creating an all-rounded education system where the emphasis is on the training of the cadets in the habits of obedience, reverence, discipline and self respect. These are done through physical activities like drills, adventure trainings as well as character development like life skills & leadership trainings. 

The 64th Company specializes in pioneering, which involves rope tying and structure building using pioneering poles. Our structures are strong enough for several people to climb onto at the same time! The event highlight of the Company would be the Annual Training Camp in June, where there are many challenging activities such as the navigation of a 20km trekking route & a 30km cycling route. Friends from the sponsoring church would also join in some of the activities (cycling, games & BBQ) to help train or simply to enjoy our company. Though it can be tiring, the Boys' certainly enjoyed the workout!

There is also a yearly Combined Enrolment & Dedication Service/ Parade with 52J, 59J BB, 31st, 52nd & 59th GB Companies at St John's Chapel where the new Secondary One students who passed their target training and test are enrolled while the rest of the cadets reaffirmed their dedication. It is a solemn, yet joyous occasion for members of St John's Chapel members and the Boys to meet each other as St. John’s Chapel are the staunchest supporters of the company!

Achievements of the CCA
2017 JM Fraser Award (Year of Assessment 2016) - Silver Honour Roll
2014-2016 JM Fraser Award (Yr of Assessment 2013-2015) - Bronze Honour Roll 
2016 Boys' Brigade Character Quest - Silver Honour Roll
2014-2015 Boys' Brigade Character Quest - Bronze Honour Roll
2014-2016 Boys' Brigade Week Collection - Bronze Honour Roll
2016 BB Blaze Silver Honour Roll
2014 BB Blaze Brone Honour Roll

Event Highlights
CCA Open House
BB Day 
Welcome Party for New Recruits 
Target & Leadership Development Camp I 
Kayaking Proficiency Personal Skill Star Award Course
Total Defence Outing to New Water Plant
Handover cum Awards & Promotion Ceremony
BB Blaze Competition (BB Brigade Level Inter-Coy Adventure Competition)
Annual Training Camp (Includes Night Cycling, BBQ, Games & Archery with Youths from Sponsoring Church)
Combined Enrolment & Dedication Service (With 52J, 59J BB, 31st, 52nd & 59th GB Companies)
National Day Parade with CUGC @AMKSS
Character Quest (BB Brigade Level Inter-Coy Bible Knowledge Competition)
Sec 4/5 Farewell Chalet
Christmas Party
Share a gift (BBHQ led Nationwide Community Service Event)
Overseas Exchange Trip to Kluang, Johor (2016)