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Name / Designation
Mr Nor Azahar Bin Mohd Ismail
 Mrs Clara Tan Lim Liu Xiang
Mdm G. Anantha
Ms Ng Z-Ting
Miss Soh Lin Na Linda
Miss Jananee D/O Yegambaram 
Miss Jasvir Kaur Brar
Mr Orson Tan Wei Kann
Mr Yeo Keng Hui 
 Mrs Habibah Ismail
(SH Environment Education)
 Miss Nur Adilah Binte Muhamed Abu Baker
Mr Nor Azahar (HOD Humanities).jpg           Mr Nor Azahar         (HOD/Humanities) MISS CLARA LIM.jpg

Mrs Clara Tan
             Liu Xiang
        Mdm G. Anantha              
    Ms Ng Z-Ting
ms soh lin na linda.jpg   Miss Soh Lin Na Linda mr bryan yam yew chung.jpgMr Bryan Yam Yew Chung miss jasvir kaur.jpg
     Miss Jasvir Kaur Brar              
Mr Orson Tan Wei Kann.jpg
  Mr Orson Tan Wei Kann
Miss Nur Adilah Binte Mohamad Abu Baker.jpg Miss Nur Adilah Binte Mohamad Abu Baker MR YEO KENG HUI.jpg
        Mr Yeo Keng Hui                 
MRS HABIBAH ISMAIL (SH-Environment Education).jpg
        Mrs Habibah Ismail              





Programme Objectives Level
Humanities Books Prize
  • To promote reading as a means to life-long learning.
  • To support and to inspire continuous learning in the Humanities.
Upper Secondary
Humanities Quiz
  • To create awareness of current affairs among students.
  • To develop an understanding of Singapore's past to appreciate the present and future. 
  • To get students more curious about the History and Geography of Singapore. 
Lower Secondary
Hwa Chong Model Asean Summit
  • To provide platform for students to share about National Education issues as they grapple with matters pertaining to nationalism and national interest in the ASEAN community.
  • To promote analytical thinking.
  • To build up the confidence in articulating thoughts and ideas. 
Upper Secondary 
Geography Investigation
  • To provide opportunity for students to ask relevant questions, to pose and define problems, to plan what to do and how to research, to predict outcomes and anticipate consequences, and to test conclusions and improve ideas.
Lower & Upper Secondary
Historical Investigation 
  • To provide a platform for  more student-directed inquiry.
  • To allow students to gather sources using different 
Lower & Upper Secondary 
Issue Investigation (Social Studies)
  • To develop skills and values that cannot be wholly assessed through conventional pen-and-paper assessment modes as students are required to integrate the knowledge, skills and values learnt and demonstrate them in the classroom.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to practise and demonstrate the 21st Century Competencies to become informed, concerned and participative citizens.
Upper Secondary



Level Activity Subject
Sec 1 Geographical Investigation, Historical Investigation
Geography & History
Sec 2 Geographical Investigation , Historical Investigation, Learning Festival, Humanities Quiz
Geography & History
Sec 3 Issue Investigation, Geographical Investigation, Hwa Chong Model ASEAN Summit, NUS History Society Project Scribe  Elective Geography, Elective History & Social Studies
Sec 4/5 Geographical Investigation, Conquer O, NUS Geography Challenge Elective Geography, Elective History & Social Studies


The Humanities Book Prize, inaugurated in 2013, is awarded to outstanding upper secondary level students in the humanities across all streams. Awardees are selected based on good conduct and excellent performance in the respective humanities subjects.

Recipients of Humanities Book Prize 2016

S/NoNameSubjectLevel/ Stream
1NG ZU WEI, JOVINSocial Studies + Elective GeographySecondary Three Express
2ONG QIU TONG, DAWNSocial Studies + Elective HistorySecondary Three Express
 3ONG JUIN YEN DONAVAN Social Studies + Elective Literature  Secondary Three Express
 4 LIM YU RENSocial Studies + Elective Geography  Secondary Three Normal (Academic) Through-Train
 5 SEE WEI JIE JOSEPH Social Studies + Elective History  Secondary Three Normal (Academic) Through-Train 
 6 SHAUN JOACHIM Social Studies + Elective HistorySecondary Three Normal (Academic)
 7 LEE YI SHANSocial Studies + Elective Geography Secondary Four Express 
 8 WONG JIA WEI Social Studies + Elective HistorySecondary Four Express 
 9TOH AU YU  Social Studies + Elective LiteratureSecondary Four Express
10  DYLON TEO RON JIN Social Studies + Elective GeographySecondary Four Normal (Academic) Through-Train 
 11 YIP MUN YEE Social Studies + Elective HistorySecondary Four Normal (Academic) Through-Train 
 12 LOW XIN HONG Social Studies + Elective GeographySecondary Five Normal (Academic) 
 13 ABCEDE, NINA  ANJEALETTE L Social Studies + Elective History Secondary Five Normal (Academic) 
 14MASAOY RIALYN FAE  LAGUI Combined HumanitiesMost Improved Student (O Levels) 


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