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Information and Communication Technology


Creating an environment such that technology fulfils its potential in teaching & learning, administration, communication and research.


Mr Francis Teo (HOD-ICT).jpg
Mr Francis Teo Boon Hua

Mrs Maria Leandra Ubaldo Claret (ICT EXECUTIVE).jpg
Nurhayati Binte Dahlan (Librarian).jpg 
Mrs Maria Leandra Ubaldo Claret
ICT Executive
Ms Nurhayati Binte Dahlan

Mr Mohd Musa (TA).jpg
Miss Fam Sze Teng (TA).jpg
Mr Mohd Musa
Miss Fam Sze Teng


ICT Goals

  1. All students use a variety of ICT tools for engaged and independent learning that best suit their learning styles and needs.
  2. Students are involved in ICT activities that promote higher-order thinking skills and collaboration.
  3. All students and staff use ICT responsibly to share their knowledge and creative ideas with one another.
  4. Information critical to strategic planning is effectively and efficiently captured and analyzed with the use of ICT.
  5. Staff’s capacity is built up in the effective use of ICT tools, both for teaching and learning as well as for administrative efficiency.
  6. ICT is used as an effective communication channel between the school and its stakeholders.


ICT Implementation

  1. Equipping for ICT: Ensuring adequate ICT infrastructure in school
  2. ICT as an enabler: Using ICT to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and administrative tasks
  3. ICT leading the way: Harnessing the power of ICT for tasks that would not have been possible without ICT, e.g. in collaborations with overseas


    Year 2011

    • Sports Safety Competition 2011 organized by Singapore Sports Council
      • Short Film Category
        • Prize received: Bronze (plus $800)
        • Group's Entry Title : "Too Late for John"
        • Winners:
          • Sim Yong Siang - 14
          • Toh Wei Jun - 1C
          • Nuruldiyana Bte Mohd Jamal - 3C
      • Poster Design Category
        • Prize received - Silver (plus $500) and Bronze (plus $300)
        • Winners
          • Lester Lim Wee Jie - 3A1 (Silver)
          • Sin Siong Chew - 3A1 (Bronze)

    Year 2010

    • Shortlisted in MediaCorp News' Roving DV Competition 2010 in Chinese 
      category (aired last Saturday of 31 Oct 2010 at 6:30 pm
      in Channel 8's Singapore Today )
    • 2nd runner up for Chinese Category  N6 CLUSTER LIBRARY Competition
      @ Yio Chu Kang Sec Sch
    • 1st for English Category (Group A & Group B), 11-4-2010

    Year 2009

    • Inter-school Library Competition (English) – 2nd
    • Inter-school Library Competition (Chinese) – 3rd