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School Achievements

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School Quality Class Award
Cherish AwardGold
 National Arts Education Award Blaze Award
 Character Development Award (CDA)  Developmental Award
  National Education Award (NE) Developmental Award 
 School Green Awards 2016  School Green Awards Lotus Sustained Achievement Award (7th Time) 
 BCA Green Mark Award 2016-2020  Gold 
  Eco- Schools Award 2015-2016 International Green Flag

Meritorious Defence Partner Award
Highly Nominated Submission for the President Award (Environment)
Art MOE Innergy Award
D & T Awards 2017
2 Creative Adaptation Awards
1 Creative Aesthetic Award
The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition 2 Gold
8 Silver
9 Bronze
Science IgnITE Competition   1 Finalist
 Science Fair Competition  1 Finalist Team
 National Science Fair Competition  1 Finalist Team
Top Team (Green School Category)
 Questa Card (2E)  100% Silver Award
 Singapore Mathematical Olympiad 2017 Competition (Junior Category) 2 Honourable Mention 
 Australian Math Competition (Junior Category) 4 Distinctions 
17 Credits
36 Proficiency
Australian Math Competition (Senior Category)   8 Credits
16 Proficiency
 13th Safra Photographer of the Year Award 2017  Merit
 PAYM LOVES RED: National Day Photography Competition 2017 (Facebook Category)  3rd Placing
 Pena Emasku National ML Essay Writing Competition 2017  7 Gold
2 Silver Awards