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Art Club

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Miss Tan Ji Mei Melinda (IC)

Office Bearers
Lai Jun Liang (3A1)
Megan Neo (3A1)
 Vice President(s)
Xiao Tong (23)
Upper Sec I/C
Isyraf (3A1)
Lower Sec I/C
Aria (22)
 Arts Council
Gwen (2A1)
Xin Yi (2A1)
 Welfare Officer(s)
Hui Wen (21)
Bryan (21)
Wan Qi (3A1)

Achievements of the CCA
2018 Singapore Youth Festival- Certificate of Participation
2018 Ang Mo Kio Division’s Neighbourliness Design Competition - Certificate of Participation
 Draw My Stamp Story Competition- Most Commendable Award
 2018 Uniquely Us Art Exhibition @ Ang mo Kio Library

PassionArts Festival, Planks Painting, Cheng San Community Club, Singapore
Engage the Public with Art, “Art is Fun”, Ang Mo Kio Library, Singapore

Art Club is a place where students’ creativity and imagination are allowed to take flight and where students develop their critical thinking skills. Pupils in the Art Club are exposed to a variety of art forms, techniques, exhibitions and other art-related activities. This year, students were taught 3-D mixed media techniques, ceramics, watercolour, acrylic painting and pen drawings.

We strive to cultivate a love and appreciation for the visual arts in every member of the club. We aim to reach out to the community by engaging in various community projects.

As part of the effort to cultivate an appreciation for the visual arts, Art Club members visited the local art exhibitions at the different museums. The Art club members were also tasked to produce art pieces as corporate gifts, for fund-raising as well as to beautify the school environment. Through the weekly sessions of fun filled activities, we hope to foster a strong sense of belonging as well as develop positive values in all members.

Art Club aims to provide a platform for all members to engage in the following possible art forms:

2 D Art Forms 3 D Art Forms Digital Art Form
Print MakingCeramicsPoster Designing
Acrylic Painting
Charcoal Drawing Digital Drawing with Procreate
Watercolour Painting  

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