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AV Club and Media Club

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Mr Koh Kian Neng Wilson 
Mdm  Kwa Leng Leng  
Ms Siti Radziah 
Miss Audrey Ferng
Mr Shashidaren
Mr Lim Kwang Hock 

Executive Committee for 2021/2022
Lee Chau Wen (3/4)
Javier Lim Jun Kai (3/4)
Vice-Chairperson  (AV)
Zhao Yuan, Ian (3/2)
Vice-Chairperson (Media)
Javier Neo Huan Jun (3/4)
Vice-Chairperson (Photography)
Vishnu Shivashankar (3/4)
AV Unit 1st  I/C
Keith Ng Joon Kee (3/3)
Media Unit  1st  I/C
Muhammad Hakim Bin Muhammad Rostam (3/3)
Photography Unit 1st I/C
Pan Jinghan (3A1)
AV Unit 2nd  I/C
Tan Sing Yu (3/1)
Media Unit  2nd  I/C
Eng Tze Hui (3/3)
Photography Unit 2nd I/C
David Koh Qi Zhi (3/3) 

Achievements of the CCA
Canon Youth Photography Challenge – Advanced
PacificLight's 2021 Crea8 Sustainability Youth Competition - Merit (Lower Secondary) 

The AV Media Club consists of three units, namely the Audio/Visual unit, the Media unit and the Photography unit. The club aims to cultivate interest and awareness in the use of Audio/Visual, Information Technology and photography in our students.

The Audio/Visual unit serves the school by delivering reliable sound, light and multimedia services . Our students work diligently behind the scenes to handle the audio-visual equipment, set up and operate the school’s public address system for assemblies, talks and school functions. For this year, they have helped out in school events such as the Secondary One Orientation Camp and CCA Open House.

The Media unit develops multi-media skills such as storyboarding, stop motion, animation, movie-making, games development, video production and post-production skills. Our members have been preparing for the following competition in 3D Tronics Microbits Asia Challenge 2020, N.E.Mation 2021! and Crea8 Sustainability competitions. They are also engaged in exciting projects and have provided valuable ICT service to the school during school events. The seniors of the Media unit also planned and carried out training activities for their juniors during E-CCA sessions.

The Photography unit exposes our students to basic photography and other different types of photography techniques, such as Splash Photography, Water Droplets Photography, Macro Photography etc. They also went to various interesting learning journeys such as Chinatown to take cultural photographs. The students are encouraged to take part in photography competitions like 2nd Heartstring Singapore Photography Competition and Our School Our Stories 2020 to showcase their work.

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