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AV Media Club

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Mr Wilson Koh
Mdm Kwa Leng Leng
 Ms Siti Radziah
 Mr Bao Hong Liang
 Miss Audrey Ferng
Mr Kelana Izrak Bin Kamid 
 Miss Kwek Wen Qing
 Mrs Joselyn Luei
 Mr Alvin You 

Office Bearers
Leonard Goh Xianyang (Sec 3/3)
Seek Kai Yi Vinn (Sec 3/1)
Benjamin Yeoh Jun Jie (Sec 3/4)
Wu Junyang (Sec 3/3)
Media Unit IC
Cheah Choon How (Sec 22)
 Photography Unit IC
Jessica Chang Jing Yi (Sec 3A1)

Achievements of the CCA
National Day Photography Competition 2017 Facebook Category

The AV Media Club which consists of three sub-units, namely the AVA Unit, the Media Unit and the Photography Unit, has provided students with an all-rounded experience in multimedia.

The AVA Unit serves the school in many areas, ranging from the smooth running of the morning assemblies to playing a pivotal role in ensuring the success of every school event that requires the support of audio visual aid. The unit endeavours to provide quality AV support in the school.

The Media Unit provided training in photography, basic coding, web designing and game development. The Media Unit also produced short videos on school events. The videos were screened every morning in the hall before the flag raising ceremony.

The Photography Unit taught photo-taking skills. The students went on photography trips to Gardens by the Bay and the Botanic Garden to be inspired by the beautiful scenery. The students also attended photography seminars organised by photography enthusiasts from other institutions. They exchanged photography techniques. They took photographs during school events. By capturing the moments in various school events, the students gained valuable experience and also played an integral role in history-making in the school.  

The AV Media Club also participated in Values in Actions (VIA) activities and learning journeys together to institutions and theatres. The AV Media Club will work towards providing our students with learning opportunities in the multimedia arena in the coming years.

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