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Mr Marcus Tan 
Mr Liu Zhen Bo 
Ms Zoe Chai

Office Bearers for 2021 / 2022 
B Division Captain
Chan Jun Xiang, Owen (3A2)
B Division Vice-Captain
Gair Zhen Xiang, Darren (3/4)
 Physical Training Instructors
Pham Gia Khiem (3/1)
Ng Yao Zhong (3A2)
C Division Captain
Kan Yi Xuan (2A2)
C Division Vice-Captain
Braydon Ng (2/3)
Physical Training Instructors
Zantua Aidan Emmanuel (2A3)
Chong Dong Shyang (2/3)

Achievements of the CCA
South Zone B and C Division Basketball Championships 2019
First runners-up for Ace Challenge 2019 
Basketball Clinic by Singapore Slingers 

Basket Ball 2.jpg

In 2021, the National School Games was unable to continue due to the pandemic. However, the first AMKSS Basketball Championship was held. The basketballers formed 6 teams in the 'B' Division and 'C' division and played 3v3 matches against their CCA mates over a period of 6 weeks. Through this friendly internal competition, they were able to spur each other on to improve their skills and develop greater team spirit.

"During the ABC tournament, bonds between the players were strengthened as team captains drafted players and had to work with teammates who they may not have initially been close to. However, the team learned how to work together and understand one another’s play style, increasing their chemistry. Players showed great team spirit and a never give up attitude as they strived to get their medals. In the end, it was a very eventful experience and everyone had fun." - Owen, 'B' Division Captain

"The ABC competition is something I am grateful for. Since the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from participating in the National School Games for two years in a row, it served as a replacement for the team to once again feel the enjoy and excitement in playing a competition. Despite the ups and downs we faced during the ABC, I felt that we managed to understand each other's personalities much better than before. It allowed better communication between the team, and made me understand more deeply the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. The ABC was truly a unique and interesting experience that I will remember for a long time." - Darren, 'B' Division Vice Captain

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