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Miss Teo Shihui (IC)
Mrs. Jessica Knapp (2IC)
 Miss Linda Soh
 Mrs. Joselyn Luei

Miss Elizabeth Cheong

Office Bearers
B Division Captain
Lim Wan Hsin 4/2
B Division Co-captain
Goh Yu Xuan 4/3
B Division Co-captain
Hilary Chua 3/2
C Division Co-captain
Loh Yi Xuan 2/4
C Division Co-captain
Wong Sun Yee 2/1

Achievements of the CCA
M1 Schools Challenge League: 3rd in the C Division group
 Berita Harian-Pilot Pen-Ashaway Youth Games 2018 (Netball 4-on-4): Joint 3rd

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The AMKSS Netball CCA seeks to inculcate teamwork, sportsmanship and resilience in our girls through our regular training sessions, competitions, community service, CCA camp and workshops.

The girls endured and persisted through hardships and overcame many obstacles throughout the training sessions. Training sessions were tough but it was the motivation of and effort put in by their teammates that kept them going.

Year 2018 has been a fulfilling one for AMKSS Netball. The C Division Girls emerged third place in the C division group during the M1 Schools Challenge League and achieved joint third in the Berita Harian-Pilot Pen-Ashaway Youth Games 2018(Netball 4-on-4). The hard work put in by the players, coach and teachers has certainly paid off and we are extremely proud of their achievements.

Besides participating in sports competitions, the girls also volunteered in the M1 Asian Netball Championship 2018, which was held in Singapore this year. The girls had many roles such as event production assistant, usher, volunteer welfare assistant and etc. Through this event, the girls gained some insight into what it takes to run a sporting event and understand the importance of responsibility and accountability.

AMKSS Netball girls will continue to work hard, play hard and always strive for the best for the school, the club and self!

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