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Table Tennis

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Mr. Ho Tung Robert (IC)
Mrs. Bhattarai (2IC)
Miss Zoe Chai

Mr David Tan
 Mr Ang Kok Hu

Office Bearers
May Hpu
B Division Vice Captain
Jessica Tan
B Division Vice Captain
 Elicia Wang
C Division Vice Captain
Jody Chng
C Division Vice Captain
Cheah Ai Jie
Social & Welfare
Maecia Goh
 Goh Yien Sian

Achievements of the CCA
2018 ‘C’ Division Girls South Zone (3rd)
2018 ‘C’ Division Girls Nationals (qualifier) 

The AMKSS Table Tennis CCA aims to cultivate sportsmanship, team spirit, life-long skills and a sense of belonging among our student players through our regular training sessions, table tennis competitions and our Values-In-Action (VIA) programme.

Every year, we take in young, talented paddlers to nurture not just in terms of their skills and techniques, but their character as well. As a sports CCA, table tennis allows our players to learn the values of hard work and resilience. It is also a team sport that relies on the contribution of every player, and it is a platform where friendship is formed and respect is earned.

In 2018, due to great determination and effort placed in training, our ‘C’ division girls managed to emerge 3rd in the Zonal Competitions. In our team, we believe that sports is not just about competing and winning, but also developing teamwork and espousing the motto of always striving for the best.

Apart from participating in sports competitions, we have partnered MINDS Training and Development Centre in our VIA programme in 2018. Our students, went to the centre every Friday to engage the clients there in sports, cooking sessions, as well as arts and crafts.

Our vision is to introduce Table Tennis as a sport to all students who have interest in it, as the skills and friendships they develop in their years within the team will be invaluable experiences in their lives.

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