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Student Council


Mr Eric Lee
Ms Ng Z-Ting
Ms Zoe Chai

Office Bearers 19th  EXCO
Shamina Wong Li Ying (3-5)
S Keerthi Lakshmi (3-5)
Head of Welfare
Lim Sze Xuan, Audris (3-2)
Head of Manpower
Sabrina Liew Xin Tong (3-2)
Head of Logistics
Low Yu Shan (3-4)
Head of Arts and Publicity
Chloe Tay Hui Wen (3-2)
Arts Deputy Head
Long Yuan En, Andria (2-1)
Publicity Deputy Head
Javier Lim Jun Kai (2-4)
Aquila House Head
Tan Lee Wen (3-4)
Aquila Deputy House Head
Rajesh Acharya Pragati (2-1)
Lyra House Head
Goh Zhen Zn Isaiah (3-4)
Lyra Deputy House Head
Lee Ruo Xuan, Audrey (2-4)
Pegasus House Head
Sky Tay (3A2)
Pegasus Deputy House Head
Yeo Zhir Yee (2-4)
Ophiuchus House Head
Jagd Selma Victoria (3-5)
Ophiuchus Deputy House Head
Yonn Yamone Shwe (2-2)



The Student Council comprises elected student leaders with the aim of serving the school with dedication and pride. Student Councillors hold themselves to be exemplary in behavior and conduct as they are nurtured to become role models – positively influencing their peers as they reach out to serve actively, bringing about improvements in school and fostering the AMKsian spirit.

The Student Council serves as a platform for students to voice out their opinions and act on behalf of them to provide feedback to the school. They consolidate feedback, hold discussions and work with the key personnel of the school to ensure that the school is a conducive, safe and cohesive environment for all.

Student Councillors helm and participate in various key events such as the Secondary One Orientation Camp, Students’ Leaders Investiture, Teachers’ and EAS Day Celebrations, where they work in teams to plan and execute activities smoothly.

Student Councillors are also placed in different committees, where they will work on various committee projects that they are passionate and concerned about to bring change in the school. In addition, all student councillors are trained in public speaking skills and are provided with ample opportunities to display teamwork to ensure that they maximise their learning experience and grow to their full potential.

On the whole, the Student Council aims to be the bridge between the student body and the staff in order to provide a meaningful experience to all students of Ang Mo Kio Secondary School.

Achievements of the CCA
Teachers' cum EAS Day 2019
Textbook Exchange 2019
Student Leaders Overseas Exchange 2019
Secondary One Orientation Camp 2020
Student Leaders Investiture 2020