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Principal's Message

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The Next Decade – Our Journey, Our Aspirations

A decade from now, when we look back on the year 2020, it is likely that many of us will remember 2020 as an unprecedented year of disruption that marked a major turning point in our life, and in the journey of the school.

Having just celebrated our 40th Anniversary last year, we were very much looking forward to the New Year and next decade of 2020, with high hopes and aspirations. However, this year turned out to be a most extraordinary and difficult one as our nation and the world were struck by, and battled with the global crisis of our generation – Covid-19 Pandemic.

Besides its impact on the public health and economy, the pandemic also accentuated geopolitical tensions, nationalism and trade protectionism, technology disruption, and social inequality issues around the world. The resultant global turbulence and uncertainty has even called into question the social fabric and compact of our country and Singapore’s place in the World.

With the novel coronavirus reaching our shores and sweeping relentlessly around the world from February, increasing safe management and restrictive measures have to be implemented, causing disruptions to our daily routines, and suspension of many of our programmes. These culminated in the closure of our schools in April, in line with the national Circuit Breaker measures, and a transition to Home-Based and Online Learning. It was a challenging time indeed as our teachers had to quickly and adeptly re-design our curriculum programme, while students had to adapt to new ways of learning. Great efforts were undertaken to equip and ensure that our students were able to access their learning. Amidst this stressful time, we also had to look out for and ensure the socio-emotional well-being of our staff and students in adhering to the national safe distancing measures and adapting to the new normal. With the improving national health situation, we were fortunate to be able to gradually re-open school from June, taking progressive steps to bring back our students and gradually resuming our programmes safely, albeit in new and often virtual formats.

We are happy that we have been able to keep the school and everyone safe and healthy in the re- opening of the school thus far. This is due to the concerted effort and resilience of the school staff and students, and support from parents and stakeholders. The pandemic has indeed highlighted the importance of nurturing resilience and positive thinking in our students; for it is only with such resilience and fortitude that we could manage, adapt and overcome the worst of the times in such resourceful ways.

The situation also brings to fore the need to prepare our young to navigate an increasingly volatile, complex and uncertain future. In this, we remain guided by our mission of nurturing lifelong learners, responsible citizens and resilient individuals. In particular, we seek to help our AMKsians find their sense of purpose and passion for life, as well as equip them with critical attitudes and skills such as 21st Century Competencies, and the dispositions for learning, service and excellence.

Amidst the gloom and disruption, our students continue to chalk up some notable achievements. Our Uniformed Groups continued to achieve Gold and Distinction awards in their respective Best Unit competitions. It is also with great pride for us to share that our recent graduate, Esther Joice Tan, was awarded the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence (Secondary), a testimony indeed to our efforts to develop our students holistically and instill the mindset for learning, service and excellence.

Navigating this challenging year safely has certainly not been easy, and will not have been possible without the commitment and strong unity of our staff and students, as well as the support and encouragement of our parents and stakeholders. The immediate future remains uncertain even though the worst may be over for us, as we see subsequent waves of infection ravaging countries around the world. We look forward to their continuing support as we take our next step forward in adjusting and adapting to the new environment and in our continuing journey and pursuit of our aspirations and educational excellence.

Always Strive for the Best

Shaw Swee Tat