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Mr Yeo Keng Hui

Executive Committe for 2020/ 2021
Kelly Choong Xin Ying (34)
Vice-President (Sec 3-4)
Jagd Selma Victoria (35)
Vice-President (Sec 2)
Mhoo Waddy Ko (23)
Vice-President (Sec 1 )
Ashraff Farz bin Mohamed Fazil (21)
S Keerthi Lakshmi (35)
Assistant Secretary
Muhammad Hakim bin Muhammad Rostam (21)
Shamina Wong Li Ying (35)
Assistant Treasurer
Lim Yong Da (21)
Liaison Officer
Chia Chee Heng Javier (32)
Assistant Liaison Officer
Ang Hui Ting(31)
Publicity Manager
Ng Kai Bin, Robin (3A2)
Assistant Publicity Manager
Shannon Oh Xin Yu (3A2)
Christian Choong Wai Yew (34)
Chong Jun Rong (34)

Achievements of the CCA
Awarded the Yellow Flame in 2019 by Singapore Environmental Council
Awarded International Green Flag in 2019 by WWF Singapore
Contributions and Outreach to School Community
Organised virtual workshops on Plastic free and Food Resilience from Feb to Oct 2020
Organised Youth for Environment cum Earth Day Celebrations on 8 July 2020 virtually
Outreach to Community
Participated in WWF Earth Hour campaign through billboards messaging system at strategic bus-stop locations
Virtual Malaysia-Singapore exchange organised by WWF Singapore on environment issues and sharing of school's efforts in conserving the environment

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Follow-up on Plastic Straw-Free AMKSS Campaign

In March 2020, Environmental Club members conducted a workshop to further reduce the use of plastic in the school. This is to continue the project initiated by the 2019 Environmental Club graduands to create an eco-friendly environment in AMKSS to support the MEWR initiative ‘Towards Zero Waste’. Follow-up workshops   were conducted virtually.

Launch on Food Resilience

A Food Resilience workshop was launched on 11 March 2020 as the results of the school carbon footprint survey done in 2019 showed that food resilience is an area of concern for the school. Subsequent workshops were conducted virtually. 

YED/Earth Day and Earth Hour Celebrations

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the school celebrated Youth for the Environment Day cum Earth Day by participating in a virtual talk on Planetary Emergency by WWF Singapore via YouTube. The talk served to remind students of the importance of protecting and conserving our natural resources and environment for a sustainable future.

Promoting Recycling Right

Upon the provision of the Reverse Vending Machine(RVM) from NEA, three Environmental Club members, Muhammad Hakim bin Muhammad Rostam, Ashraff Farz bin Muhammad Fazil  and Kikuno Ryusei Danny, created a demonstration video on how to use the machine. In addition, Muhammad Hakim bin Muhammad Rostam produced an accompanying instruction manual for the RVM.

AMKSS students support WWF Earth Hour 2020 campaign

Two students, Kelly Choong Xin Yin and Muhamad Hakim bin Muhammad Rostam, were selected to champion the WWF Singapore Earth Hour campaign in the community through billboard messages posted at strategic bus-stop locations and in a YouTube video.