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Student Leadership

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Mr Eric Lee
Mrs Koh Hui Teng
Mrs Joselyn Luei Sin Yen 
 Miss Trishna D/O Ashok Doulatram
 Miss Jasvir Kaur
 Mr Kevin Andrew Thesman

Office Bearers
Mercado Jose Joshua Domingo 4/4
Lee Zhi Hui Maevis 4A2
Toh Liang Xuan 4/3
Cheung Seok Yan, Sandra 4/4
Head of AMKsian Spirit Committee
Muhammad Danish Syazwan B S 4/4
  Vice-Head of AMKsian Spirit Committee
Ganesha Oktavia 3A2
 Head of Care Committee
Meagan Goh Si Hui Sec 4/2
 Vice-Head of Care Committee
Teo Yan Ling 3A1
Head of Health Committee
Max Chan Wen Jie  4/1
 Vice-Head of Health Committee 
Tok Wei Qi 3/4
 Head of Ideas Committee
Tan Ding Xuan, Ryan 4/2
Vice-Head of Ideas Committee
Goh Xin Qin Gemma 3/4


The Student Council is a team of elected student leaders who aim to serve the school with dedication and pride. These leaders are elected by the school to join the Student Council which nurtures and develops potential leaders to be the voice of the student body. Through workshops, seminars and event-based activities, student councillors learn to influence each other and their peers positively as they actively reach out to serve. The Student Council is responsible for planning various events such as the Secondary One Orientation Camp, Teachers’ and EAS day Celebrations and assisting in events such as the Graduation Dinner and Dance and Awards Day.

The Student Council serves as a platform for students to voice out their opinions and provide feedback to the school. Councillors in turn consolidate the feedback, hold discussions and work with the key personnel of the school to ensure that the school is a conducive, comfortable and cohesive environment for all.

New student councillors are also trained in their different committees which look specifically into the different areas of the school; Care, Health, Ideas and Spirit committee. In addition, all student councillors are trained in public speaking skills and are provided with opportunities to display teamwork so as to ensure that they maximise their learning experience and fulfill their full potential as a student councillor.

As a whole, the Student Council aims to be the bridge between the student body and the teacher and staff in order to provide a meaningful experience to all students of Ang Mo Kio Secondary School.