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Student Leadership

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In a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world, leaders with upright morals and clear purpose, in every sphere and at every level is needed to inspire us to contribute our best in our efforts to improve the well-being of those around us. Driven by this motivation, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School provides platforms that caters for students to experience leadership at different pace and levels. At the cohort level, other than being exposed to the concept of leadership in the classroom, self-reflecting through the National Youth Achievement Award journey, students are also involved in level camps as well as other activities for experiential learning in leadership. Supporting these efforts are the Student Councillors, CCA Leaders and Class Committee Members as well as Student Leaders in niche areas such as the Cyberwellness Ambassadors.

A team of elected student leaders with the aim of serving the school with dedication and pride, the student council bonds the school in its role as a bridge, as the voice of the students. Through workshops, training camps and participation in various key events such as the Secondary One Orientation Camp, Teachers’ and EAS Day Celebrations etc, student councillors are nurtured to become role models – positively influencing their peers as they reach out to serve actively, bringing about improvement in school and fostering strong school spirit.

Directed at honing leadership in their various spectrum of influence, CCA Leaders are provided with numerous opportunities such as the Leadership Through Sports programme by SportSG, the Youth Sports Leaders’ Camp organised by ActiveSG as well as CCA based camps, workshops and attachments. These programmes aim to develop students’ character, communication skills and competencies by providing various practical experiences within multiple platforms in school and the wider community. 

The Class Committee provides a platform for student leaders to practice servant leadership by leading their class based on the role entrusted to them. Students are groomed through developmental opportunities that are specific to their roles. By participating in the management of their class, class committee members are empowered to organise and lead their class in various school activities and capacity.

Ang Mo Kio Secondary School provides our students with multiple pathways to strive for their best in their journey as leaders with the belief that every child can be a leader and should be developed as one in their own field of expertise.