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Ms Daphne Chang Wei Shin
Ms Jananee D/O Yegambaram
Miss Edna Pan

Mr Lim Tiong Kiang

Executive Committee for 2021/2022
Long Yuan En, Andria (3/2)
Vice President (Admin & Resources)
Lee Jinzi, Kym (3/4)
 Vice President (Music Development)
Lai Jie Yi (3/1)
Ng Jing Xi (3/3)
 Vice President (Chorale Wellbeing)
Nur Amalina Binte Puteh (3/2)
Logistics and Resource Manager
Eagan Tan Jing Heng (3/4)
Annjeanette Ying Ka Xin (3A2)

Achievements of the CCA
 Distinction for Singapore Youth Festival  2019
 National level performances at CHJIMES , Victoria Concert Hall 
School Performances for events such as Awards Day and AMKsian Showcase 

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Ang Mo Kio Secondary School Chorale consists of a four-part choir that is led by our new conductor, Mr Lim Tiong Kiang. The choir’s motto is ‘Semper Superne Nitens’ which translates to ‘Always Striving Upwards’. It borrows part of the school’s motto and captures the choir’s resilience to constantly work towards a better version of itself. Choristers persevere through challenges to come together and share the joy of singing. 

During each chorale session, the choristers work on honing basic singing techniques such as breath and voice control to develop them into better singers. The students also spend time working on fundamental exercises to improve their singing posture. To ascertain that the choristers are able to sing to the best of their abilities, they partake in some light physical exercises during practices. The chorale organises bonding activities frequently to build strong bonds between the members. The AMKSS chorale values discipline, teamwork, and perseverance, aiming to develop students holistically through the shared passion of singing.

The chorale is well established in performing in all sorts of venues, ranging from indoor performances at the Victoria Concert hall and CHJIMES to outdoor venues such as the school’s 40th anniversary concert. In an attempt to encourage holistic students who give back to the community, the choristers also take on additional Values-In-Action projects. One notable project was when the students performed for the seniors in Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, having an extremely fulfilling and memorable experience.

During the e-chorale sessions that the choir embarked on post circuit breaker, the choir worked on a number of songs, sharpening their singing skills. The various sections embraced the opportunity to work with the choir conductor to build on their foundational knowledge of music. Choristers also enjoyed playing bonding games online, getting to know their peers better and forming ties with one another. 

The chorale looks forward to performing and contesting once the pandemic situation is resolved. Sharing the love and joy of singing with everyone remains the choir’s priority.

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