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Mr Tan Wee Hong
Miss Tan Chui Ling
Miss Jasvir Kaur

Miss Shalyn Yong Kit Mein
Mr Kieran Tan Bo Hao

Office Bearers
Abiel Tan Pei Yi 3/2
Ng Xiang Yi Nicole 3/2
Crew IC
Sim Wen Jun 3/3
Prop IC
Kwok Ying Jie Hilary 3/1

Achievements of the CCA
Performed preview of SYF on 27 March for school assembly
 Received a Certificate of Distinction for the SYF performance entitled The Trial of Bella Ton 3 April 2017
 Took part in the ‘re:ACT:More Than Just’ programme and worked with United Nations (UN) women to put up a performance on 30 Nov 2017

The Drama Club values all its members and every member will be given opportunities to participate in drama performances be it as a crew member or in a acting role. The Drama Club strives to develop professionalism in our members through different forms of theatre performances and through working with external organizations like United Nations (UN) women.

During drama sessions, members learn useful acting skills and develop stage awareness. Beside these technical skills, the members also get to learn how to improvise, think creatively and work together as a team to put up short performances. Our members are also encouraged to take turns leading the warm-up sessions and games. Through these activities, Drama Club members build up their confidence and develop leadership skills.

This year, the Drama Club had a packed schedule, training and preparing for the Singapore Youth Festival in the first semester. In March, the Drama Camp was held to build stronger bonds between the Drama members and work on the SYF performance. The Club put up an adaptation of the play The Trial of Bella T. With strong cast of performers and powerful stage directing, our performance impressed the judges and we were awarded the Certificate of Distinction. It was an affirmation of the effort put in by all the Drama Club members, trainers and teachers. 

In November, the Drama Club took part in ‘re:ACT:More Than Just’. This ticketed performance will raise funds towards UN women’s projects and enable our students to use theatre as a form of social advocacy and for charity. In addition, this event will also give the students a chance to attempt an interactive form of performance, Forum Theatre. This will be an invaluable experience for our members.

This has been a memorable year for the Drama Club and we look forward to putting in our best for 2018!

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