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Mr Tan Wee Hong  
Miss Tan Chui Ling 
Miss Jasvir Kaur
Miss Shalyn Yong Kit Mein

Executive Committee for 2021/2022
Chan Shi Yun Gisbelle (3/1)
Choh Yi Zhe (3/3)
Ahsan Muhammad Samee (3/4)
Production IC
Janesse Ho Jiawei (3A3)
Lower Secondary Coordinator
Siew Rui En, Eliza (3/4)

Achievements of the CCA
Certificate of Distinction for Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Drama) for 2017 and  2019
Certificate of Accomplishment for Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (Drama) for 2021 

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The Ang Mo Kio Secondary School Drama Club provides students with a space to explore their interest for the Arts by providing them with various opportunities to take on different roles; be it on stage or off stage.

In their time in the Drama Club, students were able to try out acting as well as crew work such as lighting, sounds and even prop and set designing. Students are also given opportunities to work in teams to devise their own interpretation of plays to put their own spin on it before they showcase it to the other members of the club.

The Drama club also provides students with a safe space to explore current issues to raise awareness of themselves, by putting up short skits, as well as encourages students to be problem solvers by resolving the conflicts they bring up in their skits. This year, the Drama Club worked on a piece titled ‘Beleaf’, which aimed to deliver the message that no dream is too small. Students worked on highlighting challenges they might have and how with a growth mindset, they were able to overcome these adversities.

It has definitely been a year of growth for the club and the members have responded well to changes in the conduct of CCA by actively contributing in their e-CCA sessions where the focus has been on monologue development. We look forward to more growth and development in 2021 which can provide our Drama Club students with more opportunities to pursue their interests and talents in the Arts. 

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