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Mr. Tan Wee Hong (IC)
Miss Tan Chui Ling
Miss Jasvir Kaur

Miss Shalyn Yong Kit Mein
Miss Hofbauer Nicole Katarina

Office Bearers
Elizabeth Rei Ando 3/2
Teo Wei Bing 3A1
Crew IC
Bennett Prasetijo 3A3
Lower Secondary Coordinator
Chan Teng Lei Annabelle 3/3

Achievements of the CCA
Certificate of Distinction at Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2019
Best Actress Award in re:ACT 2018
Performed preview of SYF on 27 March for school assembly
 Received a Certificate of Distinction for the SYF performance entitled The Trial of Bella Ton 3 April 2017
 Took part in the ‘re:ACT:More Than Just’ programme and worked with United Nations (UN) women to put up a performance on 30 Nov 2017

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The Drama Club is first and foremost a team. All our members are valued and everyone is given opportunities to participate in drama performances be it as crew members or actors.  The Drama Club strives to develop professionalism in our members through different forms of theatre performances.  We also aim to raise awareness on social issues through working with external organisations such as Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH).

During drama sessions, members learn essential acting skills and develop stage awareness. On top of these technical skills, the members also get to learn how to improvise, think creatively and work together as a team. Besides acting, members have opportunities to adopt the roles of scriptwriter, stage manager or light and sound crew. Our members are also encouraged to take turns to lead the warm-up sessions and games. Through these activities, Drama Club members build their confidence and develop leadership skills.

In April this year, the Drama Club participated in re:ACT, an annual Theatre for Social Advocacy Festival, organised by inwardBOUND. It showcased performances by Secondary school students representing the causes of different charities.  Our Drama Club students also took part in a youth education workshop organised by SAMH to understand more about depression. They created a script based on their research findings and put up a meaningful performance on the challenges faced by youth suffering from depression. A Drama Club member clinched the ‘Best Actress’ award for her effort. 

In Semester 2, the Drama Club explored different scripts for our 
Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2019 performance. The members were grouped into 3 teams, each with their own script. All members were assigned acting roles in their respective teams and they devised interesting ways of presenting the stories through creative staging and characterization. We had an internal showcase in Term 3 where all teams put up great performances.

This has been a meaningful year for the Drama Club and we look forward to doing our best for the performances in 2019!

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