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Malay Dance

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Mrs. Elinawaty Hairul (IC)
Mdm. Siti Nadhirah Bte Hanafi (2IC)
Miss Sun Ye
 Mrs. Clara Tan Liu Xiang
Miss Nur Adilah

Mr Rizman Kassim

Office Bearers
Izza Liyana Bte Abdul Majid (3/1)
Vice Chairperson & Rehearsal Master
Aaliya Humaira Bte Rosli (3A4)
Secretary & Treasurer
Siti Nur Amyrah Lyana Binte Salim (2A1)
Quartermaster (Costumes/ Makeup/ Props)
Jasmani Bin Januri (2A3)
Publicity In Charge
Nurul Atrisyia Binte Juraimi (2A1)

Achievements of the CCA
Certificate of Accomplishment at Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2019
NOMAD (Night of Music, Arts & Dance ), 2018
 MUARA Festival 2018
 Other School Events; AMKsian Showcase, MTL Fortnight & Dance Farewell
Certificate of Distinction at the Singapore Malay Dance Arts Presentation 2017  

AMKSS Malay Dance provides opportunities for students to learn and appreciate Malay dance and culture. Through this CCA, students are able to develop a passion for dance and cultivate love for rhythmic and melodic expression as well as foster a sense of care and concern for one another.

The dance group also known as Gemilang Sari, has performed on few platforms such as Night of Music, Arts & Dance (Nomad) 2018 to celebrate the arts and our school’s heritage. Through rigorous training and close guidance of our instructor, our dancers showcased an impressive performance.

Our dancers also had the opportunity to participate in two special training sessions conducted by Mediacorp Suria Artist, Mr Shahril Wahid. Through this programme, dancers learnt the importance of stage presence and facial expression in a performance.  

In addition to the above, our dancers represented the school in a performance at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre in an annual arts celebration, MUARA Festival; a celebration of dancing and a showcasing of Malay culture to a universal audience.

Through these opportunities, the dancers have gained invaluable experiences that will develop them into becoming more skillful dancers. The Malay dancers will continue to stretch their potential to the maximum, exploring the world of dance and will graduate with irreplaceable experiences and memories.

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