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Mr.  Eric Lee (IC)
Miss Tan Jieying (2IC)
Mdm.  Rosemalina
Madam Anantha
Miss Siti Nurul Jannah
Mr.  Ng Khiam Siong

Mr Ashwin Kumar
 Mr Edwin Si

Office Bearers - GIRLS TEAMSOffice Bearers - BOYS TEAMS
B Division Captain
Ng Tze Xin Estelle (3A2)
B Division Captain
Tay Jing Xun (32)
 B Division Vice-Captain
Faith Koh Hui En (34)
 B Division Vice-Captain
Leong Cheng Han (34)
 B Division Vice-Captain
Glenda Ng Wan Ting (35)
  B Division Vice-Captain
Jayden Tan Jun Wei (3A3)
 C Division Captain
Rens Julien Monton Isip (24)
  C Division Captain
Yong Jun Kit (21)
 C Division Vice-Captain
Yew Yi Xuan Ezann (22)
 C Division Vice-Captain
Pang Zi You (24)
 C Division Vice-Captain
Tan Kah Kee (21)
 C Division Vice-Captain
Ryan Ethan Chow (2A2)

Achievements of the CCA
South Zone Inter-school Badminton Competition B Girls (4th)

Badminton – referred to by some as ‘The Fastest Racquet Sport in the World’ – requires agility, power, mental and physical prowess as well as endurance.  Ang Mo Kio Secondary has made a name for herself in this tough but satisfying sport which hones delicate wrist-work skills, nimble footwork and perseverance.  

Team AMKSS trains thrice a week in order to help the students build badminton skills and to train their grit and persistence in getting things right. Our senior school teams have consistently achieved Top 4 placing in the very competitive South Zone  Badminton division over the years. One of our former students, Kelvin Ho, also coaches several up and coming national players including Loh Kean Yew and Yeo Jia Min.

In 2019, we continued our tradition of making our presence felt in this highly competitive arena as our B Division Girls fought hard to clinch the fourth position in the South Zone Inter-school Badminton Tournament.  

Furthermore, Team AMKSS seeks opportunities that enable our players and leaders to plan, organise and implement a variety of programmes to benefit both the community as well as ourselves.  Annually, we organise a primary school badminton competition, the “AMKSS Invitational”, to promote the sport, encourage friendly sparring and help raise the standards of the sport amongst primary school students.  In addition, Team AMKSS players assist in the coaching of students in Ang Mo Kio Primary School and Townsville Primary Schools as part of our community involvement effort.  

Declaration of Team AMKSS Badminton Club:

“We are immeasurably grateful to our teachers for believing in and walking with us on our journey with the Club, our coaches for their motivation and expert training, our seniors for their advice and our school for its all-round support.

We are a choice neighbourhood school with a premier school tradition of success in badminton as well as academia. We will persevere in striving to improve ourselves, helping each other and ourselves while projecting a positive image of our school in all that we do, in alignment with our team motto “Striving To Serve : our school, our community and our nation” and our school motto “Always Strive For The Best!”  Onward AMK!

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