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Girl Guides


Miss Huang Weiyu 
Ms Ng Z-Ting 
Ms Adibah Azri Zulkifli
 Miss Tai Xiao Ling

Ng Wanqing
  Lim Jia Jia

Office Bearers for 2021 / 2022
Company Leader
Lim Wei Qi (3/3)
Assistant Company Leader
 Qiu Zitong (3/2)
Nur Iffah Binte Mohammad Jumlan (3A2)
Patrol Leaders
 Ang Ke Ni, Nicole (Hong Keni) (3/1)
Gwendolyn Yeo Yun Xin (3/2)
Ong Xi Hui (3/2)
Ngan Xin Yi (3A3)

Achievements of the CCA
Puan Noor Aishah  Gold Award: From 2015 - 2019
World Thinking Day 2020 (National) Photography Competition : Second  in Place  
World Thinking Day 2020 (National) Tapestry-Weaving Competition: Third in Place 
Baden-Powell Award: Company Leader (2018/2019) Teo Hwee Min Clarice  
Baden-Powell Award: Assistant Company Leader (2018/2019) Nicole Tan Hui Xuan  
Baden-Powell Award: Patrol Leader (2018/2019) Isis Oh Wan Si  
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The AMKSS Girl Guides is a uniform group which embodies the traits of discipline, resilience and service. The Girl Guides has iterated the slogan “Be Prepared” for any situation and accordingly employ essential survival skills such as camp craft and field cooking. Through instilling moral values, the Girl Guides serves to develop the girls’ characters. They are also exposed to social issues around the world which widens their world view in many different ways which allows them to become independent individuals with a greater gusto for life.

The Guiding 5-point programme ensures the holistic development of every single guide. This is achieved through fulfilling clauses which are namely: Personal and social development, Home, Outdoor, Community and International. To make the Guiding experience more enriching, we have also collaborated with various organisations and units to conduct basic first-aid training, air pistol and kayaking workshops.

World Thinking Day, South Division Day, skills sharing, outdoor camping and community services are a regular part of the Girl Guides programme. Through these activities, our Guides learn the true meaning of commitment, leadership, teamwork and trust.

This year, some of the Guides were enrolled in the Singapore Cancer Society Smoke-Free Ambassador’s programme. Guides not only learnt about the harmful effects of smoking, they also took on an active role in advocating anti-smoking to Secondary One and Two students through the Zoom platform. Our Guides also take on the role of ambassadors at Gardens By The Bay. In addition to acquiring valuable knowledge on the sustainability efforts of the garden, they conduct garden trails and facilitate educational programmes for visitors. Additionally, our Guides learn and advocate body confidence and image myth through the ‘Free Being Me’ badge developed by Dove, cyberwellness through  the ‘Surf Smart’ badge created by WAGGGS and Symantec, as well as ‘She Solves Engineering’ badge designed by BAE Systems UK Engineering.

AMKSS Girl Guides strives to achieve the highest standard of quality in order to uphold the good name of Guiding and become all-rounded individuals and leaders in the future. 

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