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NCC (Land)

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 Mr. Spencer Yeo Chee Keong (CO)
 Mr. Lee Tai Shen (21C)
 Mrs. Lee Huimin 

Office Bearers
Unit Sergeant Major
MSG Muhammad Nabil B Jasiman (3/2)
Assistant Sergeant Major
MSG Deng Haofu (3/4)
Part C Staff
SSG Paing Soe Khant (3/3)
Part B Staff
 SSG Chong Weixuan, Cydric (3/3)
 Part A Staff
SSG Tan Wei Leong Aloysius (3A3)

Achievements of the CCA
BUC 2017: Gold
Orienteering Competition - 3rd for Route 6

AMKSS NCC Land was established with the aim to nurture students into resilient, resourceful and disciplined young adults. With the wide range of adventure and experiential programmes and activities offered, our cadets are granted opportunities to explore activities like orienteering, dragon boating and marksmanship training.

In 2018, AMKSS NCC Land was awarded Gold in the Best Unit Competition for its outstanding performance in 2017. This award is a testament to the dedication and perseverance put in by our cadets and teacher officers. Continuing the trend, our cadets came in third for their route in the Orienteering Competition organised by NCC HQ in November 2017. The cadets were trained by CPT Spencer Yeo, our teacher officer, who conducts
a series of orienteering lessons during our annual NCC Land camp as part of our unit’s initiative to impart cadets with basic survival skills.

2018 was an eventful and fulfilling year for NCC Land. This year, two of our cadets, MSG Muhammad Nabil and SSG Paing Soe Khant were selected for the International Cadet Exchange Programme (ICEP). Nabil travelled to USA for the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) and Soe Khant went to India for desert trekking. They returned with more resilience and confidence to challenge their fears. Our cadets were also exposed to a water-borne activity when they participated in a dragon boating activity at NCC Sea Training
Centre in July.

In support of the Cadet Strong initiative to instil resilience and to build team camaraderie, our cadets took part in the Fitness Challenge where they had to clear the tyre pull and put their fitness to the test through sit-ups, burpees and chin-ups. The cadets also took part in the Sports and Games by participating in various sports such as Frisbee and football. Even though the cadets did not win in these competitions, they learnt the value
of teamwork and forged friendships with cadets from other schools.

AMKSS NCC Land is constantly looking at developing our cadets in a holistic manner and realising the potential of our cadets through supporting new initiatives by NCC HQ. Through hard work, dedication and determination, the unit will strive towards greater heights in the future!

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