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Information and Communication Technology


Creating an environment such that technology fulfils its potential in teaching & learning, administration, communication and research.


Key Personnel
Mr Francis Teo
Mr Desmond Tong
(SH/Data Management)

ICT/Data/MRL Committee
Mdm Karen Teng
(SH/Additional Mathematics)
 Mr Chow Yan Bin
Miss Audrey Ferng
Mr Tan Wee Hong
Mr Wilson Koh
(Design and Technology)
Miss Sun Ye
(Chinese Language)
Mr Shashidaren Rajendran
Mr Kelana Izrak Kamid
(AED T&L) 

ICT/MRL Support Staff
Mdm  Elam Pirai
(ICT Manager)
Mrs Maria Leandra Ubaldo Claret
(ICT Executive) 
Mr Mohd Musa Bin Shaha Buddin
(Desk Engineer)
Mr Muhammad Hakeem Bin Muhammad Hairul
(Desk Engineer)
Mdm Nurhayati Binte Dahlan

ICT Goals

  1. All students use a variety of ICT tools for engaged, independent, and collaborative learning that best suit their learning styles and needs.
  2. All students and staff use ICT responsibly to share their knowledge and creative ideas with one another.
  3. Information critical to strategic planning is effectively and efficiently captured and analysed with the use of ICT.
  4. Staff’s capacity is built up in the effective use of ICT tools, both for teaching and learning as well as for administrative efficiency.
  5. ICT is used as an effective communication channel between the school and its stakeholders.


Use of ICT in Teaching and Learning

In AMKSS, students undergo a variety of learning experiences, where ICT is used. Teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to design lessons that leverage the use of ICT. This allows students to experience learning, which is both self-directed and collaborative. In addition to a variety of tools commonly used in class, teachers conduct lessons that tap on the use of learning portals such as the Student Learning Space (SLS) and Ace-Learning (for Mathematics). ICT skills are often taught in context and in conjunction with the lessons. Through the ICT-infused lessons, students are also taught responsible uses of ICT. With such learning processes, students develop important 21st Century skills such as proficiency in information processing as well as collaboration with peers.

Professional Development Workshops for Staff
Termly in-house workshops are conducted to allow staff to be familiar with the use of ICT in classroom teaching and learning as well as the use of Student Learning Space. Good lesson designs are shared with one another as part of the school's culture of learning. In addition, staff take the initiative to access networked learning communities such as Workplace groups to learn new knowledge in the use of ICT and other related ICT related domains such as Cyber Wellness and good data practices.

Cyber Wellness

In AMKSS, cyber wellness is anchored by the ICT Department and CCE Department. Each year, the school identifies a group of students from the Sec 2 and Sec 3 levels to be the school's Cyber Wellness (CW) ambassadors. These CW ambassadors are trained by the CW teachers, who are from both departments, to conduct class talks and implement various CW activities in the school. Some of the CW activities include preparations of short video clips to spread CW messages and the conduct of CW-related games during key school events to raise awareness. In 2019, the CW ambassadors take part in the National Cyber Wellness Advocacy Challenge. Through this programme, the students are required to work on solutions to address some of the challenges students will face in terms of Cyber Wellness such as excessive screen time and gaming addiction.

Cyber Wellness Team (2019)
Mrs Linda Wang (HOD/CCE)
Mr Francis Teo (HOD/ICT,MRL)
 Mr Daniel Lim (SH/CCE)
 Mr Desmond Tong (SH/Data Mgt)
 Mr Lee Tai Shen (CW Coordinator)
 Mr Chow Yan Bin (CW Coordinator)
 Miss Tan Chui Ling (CW Teacher)
 Miss Sun Ye (CW Teacher)
 Mrs Lee Huimin (CW Teacher)

Online Platforms
(i) Student Learning Space (SLS)

(ii) MC Online

(iii) Parents Gateway

For resetting of passwords to access SLS or MCOnline, students may get in touch with their Form Teachers for assistance.

For assistance in any other matters, please contact the ICT Department.