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To provide a supportive environment for the learning & application of mathematics

Secondary Mathematics Curriculum

The goals of the secondary mathematics education are: 

  • to ensure that all students will achieve a level of mastery of mathematics that will enable them to function effectively in everyday life; and 
  • for those who have the interest and ability, to learn more mathematics so that they can pursue mathematics or mathematics-related courses of study in the next stage of education. 



Mdm Ng Kae Pheng
(HOD Mathematics)
Mrs Deepa Sharav
(HOD / Year Head - Upper Sec)
Mr Muhammad Sim 
(HOD Discipline and Partnerships)
 Mrs Linda Wang Mui Kiang
 Mdm Ah Geok Teng Karen
(SH/Additional Math)
 Mr Desmond Tong Kian Kiong
(SH / Data Management)
 Mrs Koh Hui Teng
(LH Assistant Year Head - LS)
  Mr Lee Bing Qiang Eric
(SH Student Leadership)
 Mdm Chong Lai Yin
 Mdm Kwa Leng Leng
 Mr Mohamed Faizal
 Mr Muhammad Haziq Bin Harifadillah
 Miss Rachael Wu Caifen
Mr Robert Ho Tung
 Mrs Seah Kwan Chaet
Mr Soh Kee Tong
 Mr Tan Wee Hong



S/No Name of Programme Objective(s) Levels
1 Performance Task
To apply problem solving skills to real-life Mathematical Tasks, shift focus of assessment from skills & concepts to include process, metacognition and attitude
  • Wall Design for Children’s Playroom
  • Representing data using statistical diagrams
  • An Investigative Journey on Statistics
  • Design a Monument for School’s 40th Anniversary Celebration
  • Learning Experience on Design Your Own Bedroom

  • 1E/1NA
  • 1NT

  • 2E/2NA/2NT
  • 3E/3NA

  • 3NT
2 Algemaster Programme 
  • To strengthen pupils’ foundation in Algebra in lower secondary so as to reap spin-off effects at upper secondary 
  • To consolidate basic concepts in a more concrete way as well as to excite and sparks pupils’ interest in the topic by using more learner-centred strategies/activities 
  • To design modules to cater to the different learning abilities of pupils in leaning Algebra
Lower Sec Levels and Streams
3 Use of Technology in Math Class To build a culture of academic excellence amongst our students and motivates them to take greater ownership of their learning and work collaboratively with their peers
  • Student Learning Space (SLS)
  • Ace-learning Website
  • Desmos
  • Kahoot Quizzes
  • Ipad apps
All Levels and Streams



  • To spark students’ interest in Mathematics 
  • To apply Mathematical skills and concepts to real-life situations  
  • To apply 21st century ICT skills to solve problems in real world context

S/No Level Activity
1 Sec 1
  • Math Trail @ Changi Airport
2 Sec 2
  • Math Trail @ Nanyang Polytechnic
3 Sec 3
  • Battle Quest @ Marina Bay Sands
  • STEM Learning Journey @ Garden by the Bay 

External Mathematics Competitions

1Lower Sec
Singapore and Asian Maths Olympiad (SASMO)

1 Gold, 2 Silver, 13 Bronze
2All Levels Australian Maths Competition (AMC)
Junior category: 4 Distinctions, 11 Credits

Senior category: 5 Credits