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Name / Designation
Miss Tan Chwee Luan
(HOD  Mother Tongue)
Mdm Yeo Leng 
(HOD Year Head)
Mr Liu Zhenbo
Mrs Rajan Bhattarai
 Miss Huang Weiyu
Miss Sun Ye 
 Miss Evelyn Yong Jiahui
 Mdm Siti Nadhirah
Ms Siti Radziah Binte Mustafa
Mr Zulfiqar Bin Sukiman
Mr Muhammad Azizan 
Mr Tan Kim Huat
Mr Liu Lizhu 
Ms Siti Mariah Omar
 Mdm Zhang Lixin



Chinese Language Unit

Reading Programme


  1. To promote a reading culture in school and inculcate reading habits in our students.
  2. To improve on pupils’ reading proficiency and language skills
  3. To increase their knowledge on vocabulary


  • Sec 1 – Guided Reading Programme Every pupil is given one book to read and after which, a guided reading session is conducted for the pupils. In term 3, a Essay writing competition is organized for the Sec 1 pupils.
  • Sec 2 and 3 – Book Review Pupils are to borrow books from the Library during term holiday and to do a book review after reading.
  • Sec 1-5 – Newspaper Articles Pupils read the Chinese newspaper on a weekly basis and do a reflection using the worksheets designed for them.

Malay Language Unit

Reading Programme
  • Subscription of Berita Harian Discussion topics for Oral and Writing Responses.
  • Book Review Introduction of “Loan a book” Programme for all classes to encourage love for reading. School funds used to buy books to be placed in Malay Home Rooms.


Chinese Language Unit

Alternative Mode of Assessment (Term 1 to 2) 

  1. Pupils have to come up with a cultural package on food and fashion.
  2. The projects are put up on display boards during MTL Fortnight as part of gallery walk.

Target Groups: Sec 3 EXP and 3NA

Malay Language Unit

Alternative Mode of Assessment (Term 1 to 2) 

  1. Pupils have been assigned to create a video on topic; Malay Traditional Food.
  2. This project has been extended as part of the MTL Fortnight Activities. Students have done a Food Display during MTL Fortnight as part of building their resources for the video-making. Students have to include interviews in their videos based on the topic.
  3. Online Collaboration on the video production will also be a part of the students’ assessment.



Chinese Language Unit

  • CL MTL Fortnight (Term 1 Week 10 and Term 2 Week 1)

    Following activities were organized for pupils:

    1. Lion Dance troupe was invited to grace the occasion.
    2. Sec 1 pupils participated in the Learning Journey to Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall.
    3. Sec 2 pupils were involved in the storytelling activity conducted by Arts Theatre of Singapore Ltd. Storytelling Competition was also conducted as part of the activity.
    4. Sec 3 students were exposed to Drama Appreciation (借东风 by Drama Box) during curriculum time.
    5. Sec 4/5N students participated in the Word Games competition during Curriculum Time.

  • Author-in-Residence Programme in Jul 

    Selected CL pupils from Sec 2HCL and 2EXP participated in this programme in Term 3.

  • Conversational Chinese Programme (Semester 1) 

    Interested Malay pupils are invited to participate in this programme.

  • Chinese Theatre Appreciation on 15 July 2013 

    Selected Sec 3 pupils are invited to watch a Cross Talk performance at the Esplanade.

  • Lantern Festival (04 Sept) 

    1. Three learning stations were set, namely Tea Appreciation Workshop, Lantern making and LLantern Riddles.
    2. The activities are organized for Sec Games and activities related to the festival .
    3. Sec 1 Pupils’ lantern using recycled materials are displayed.
    4. Performances put up by pupils.

Malay Language Unit

  • Malay Unit Initiation Ceremony (22 January 2013)

  • Secondary 1 Malay Dance Cultural Programme (Exposure) in Collaboration with AMKSS Malay Dance Group. (25 January 2013 - 8 March 2013)

  • Berita Harian Subscription

  • Partnership with Ain Society (Fund-raising & CIP Activity)

  • Malay Dance Musical Theatre Appreciation; Oh! Bangau at Esplanade. (19 January 2013)

  • Cluster Expository Essay Writing Workshop, “Buku Genius” (All Exp & Na students) (23 & 24 January 2013)

  • Fusion Magazine Write up

  • MTL Fortnight Event (Activities organised: Language & Cultural Activities & Competitions in Classroom, Interactive Exhibition, Bintang Anugerah AMKSS 2013, Jawi Writing/Silat Pangantin/Gamelan/Yakin Boleh Workshops,Closing Ceremony cum Nasi Ambeng Reception.) 11-28 March 2013)

  • Photography & Editorial Workshop by Berita Harian at Taman Warisan Melayu

  • Conversational Malay Programme (Scholar’s Programme) (Semester 1)



National / International Competitions - CL Unit

  • 2013 National On-the-Spot Chinese Story Writing Competition - Liu Fan Sec 2/4 attained a Merit Award in this competition. 

  • 2013 Story Challenge -Our students entered the Semi- Final.

  • 2013 National Chinese Calligraphy Competition -Four Students attained consolation prize.


MTL Fortnight Photo Montage

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