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Mother Tongue Language



Every AMKsian is passionate about the learning of the Language and 

understanding of the Culture of his/her Mother Tongue



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Name / Designation
Miss Tan Chwee Luan
(HOD  Mother Tongue)
Mdm Yeo Leng 
(Year Head - Lower Sec)
Mr Liu Zhenbo
Mrs Rajan Bhattarai
 Miss Huang Weiyu
Miss Sun Ye 
 Miss Evelyn Yong Jiahui
 Mdm Siti Nadhirah
Ms Siti Radziah Binte Mustafa
Mr Zulfiqar Bin Sukiman
Mr Muhammad Azizan 
Mr Tan Kim Huat
 Mdm Zhang Lixin


Key Initiatives

Reading Programme


  • To promote a reading culture in school
  • To inculcate in our pupils the habit of reading
  • To improve on pupils' reading proficiency and language skills


  • Every Wednesday morning flag raising is MTL reading Programme
  • Subscription of Comma Magazines, Students Magazines and Berita Harian for topical discussion and online quizzes

Target Group:

  • Comma Magazines (逗号)for all Express / Normal Academic Chinese pupils
  • Student  Magazines (知识报) for all Normal Technical Chinese pupils
  • Berita Harian for all Malay pupils
  • Malay Magazines (Dewan Siswa & Kembara Nusa) for all Express / Normal Academic Malay pupils

Conversational Chinese & Conversational Malay Programme

  • To allow non-Chinese /non- Malay pupils who are interested in learning Mandarin/Malay for social interaction
  • To equip pupils with basic skills and knowledge of the Chinese/Malay language so as to enable them to communicate with their Chinese/Malay friends and neighbours


  • 8 sessions in Semester 1                                                                                                                                                                                                

Target Group: 

  • Interests group   


MTL Talent Development

Chinese Talent Development Programmes include: 

  1. National on-the-spot Chinese Writing Competition
  2. Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition - Xin Lei Jiang
  3. National Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary School

Malay Talent Development Programmes include: 

  1. 4PM National Malay Debate Competition by 4PM
  2. EDN Pena Emasku National Essay Writing Competition 
  3. S1 Sahibba Inter-School Competition (Scrabble)
  4. Drama Competition / VIA Programme



Activities for the Year

Chinese New Year Celebration 


  • To understand the significance of Chinese New Year (CNY) and practices at CNY   

Activities organized for pupils:  

  1. Classroom activities (lesson package on Chinese Cultures)
  2. Classroom decoration 
  3. Lion Dance troupe was invited to grace the occasion
  4. Festive Drum troupe/face-changing in Opera was invited to join in the celebration
  5. Performance by teachers and pupils 
MTL Fortnight 3.JPG

Hari Raya Concert 

  • To understand the significance of Hari Raya and practices and celebration during Hari Raya  

Concert was presented in the form of Drama, Singing and Dance 

-    MTV of Kampong Buangkok Learning Journey
-    Pupils' V-logs
-    Performance by teachers

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 


  • To understand the significance of Mid-Autumn   

Activities organized for pupils:  

  1. Performances
  2. Tea Appreciation and mooncakes food-tasting 
  3. Stations games related to Mid-Autumn Festive   

MTL Fortnight 


  • To create an immersive environment for students to use their Mother Tongue Languages and appreciate the culture associated with Mother Tongue Languages   

CL Activities includes:  

        1. River Angbao
        2. Radio Drama Workshop 
        3. Tea Appreciation
        4. In-house Chinese Challenge
        5. Comma Performance
        6. Opera Performance
        7. Learning Journeys
        8. Chinese Calligraphy
        9. Amazing Race
        10. Story-Telling Competition
        11. Clapper Workshop
        12. Chinese Painting
        13. Diabolo
        14. Wushu
        15. Seal Carving
        16. Food Making
        17. Chinese Chess Competition
        18. Chinese Singing Competition

MTL Fortnight 12.JPG
MTL Fortnight 14.JPG

MTL Fortnight 1.JPG

ML Activities includes:           

    1. Learning Journey to Kampong Buangkok
    2. Bintang Anugerah (Singing Competition)
    3. Malay Dance / Silat / Kompang Workshops
    4. Inter-class word games competition (Fikir-Fikir , Sahibba)
    5. Poetry Appreciation
    6. Talent Showcase
    7. Interactive Games and Carnival Gallery (Malay Traditional Kuih, Malay Traditional Games)