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Physical Education



A gracious & resourceful AMKsian who pursues an active & healthy lifestyle



The AMKSS PE Curriculum aims to equip AMKsians with the knowledge, skills and attitude to pursue a physically active and healthy lifestyle through a fun and quality programme that enables AMKsians to:

  • Develop and maintain physical fitness through participation in physical activities. Enjoy a variety of sports and games.

  • Enjoy a variety of sports and games. 
  • Apply thinking skills. 
  • Demonstrate respect, teamwork and sportsmanship. 
  • Equipped with skills and knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle after they leave school


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Name / Designation
Mr K Thanaraj
(HOD Physical Education & CCA)
Mr Yap Wee Leong Alvin
(SH Physical Education & CCA)
Ms Juliana Pek Jun Lang 
Mr Lui Jian Long
 Mr Marcus Tan




Our students learn 2 sports/physical activities each year they are in school. They also have modules on Outdoor Education as well and Physical Health Fitness modules. All Sec 1 students are also taught basic CPR+AED during PE Lessons. The games our students learn are as follows

Sec 1 – Badminton & Netball
Sec 2 – Football & Softball
Sec 3 – Floorball & Volleyball
Sec 4 – Ultimate Frisbee & Basketball
Sec 5 – Touch Rugby & Handball

Life Run

The Life Run is our very own version the annual cross country which used to be held in MacRitchie Reservoir all those years ago. Our run is held at the Bishan Park. All students cover a distance of 3.2km. All students go through a training programme during PE lessons prior to the event to ensure they are well prepared to run the event. The event also serves as the 2.4km test for all our Sec 2 and 4/5 students as part of their NAPFA test.  Other than prizes for the Top 10 runners in each of the 8 races, we also recognize the top classes for each level. There is also a staff race which never fails to bring the students to their feet, cheering their teachers. The event also challenges students to run a longer distance than what they will usually do and also gives them another avenue to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Sports Fiesta

The Sports Fiesta is a day of fun and games for all our students. We have a myriad of activities that keeps all students actively engaged in games and physical activity. On top of the level games, there is also the AMKSS Fitness Challenge, Fitness Workout, Station Games, Learn to play Booths by Sports SG, Abseiling, Water Football, Nerf War among others. The whole school becomes a hub of activity and even teachers joining their classes in the games. The event culminates with a Staff game which is a favourite with the students. 

Inter-Class Games

The Inter-Class games are a highlight for all students. In line with the PE syllabus, we hope to give all students an opportunity to play in friendly competitions with their school mates. All students participate in the Inter-Class games and each class is randomly divided to 2-3 teams by gender and play games with other classes. They get to play at least 4-5 games. The students play one of the games that the cohort has been taught. 

Sec 1- Street Netball
Sec 2 – Football
Sec 3 – Floorball
Sec 4/5 - Ultimate Frisbee

This allows them to put into practice what they have learnt during lessons in a competitive setting.  To promote active participation, multiple winners are recognized during these competitions and many students go back with medals. Most importantly they get to experience playing in competitions and displaying the right values while playing the games. These competitions also allow our student leaders to referee/umpire the games and this allows them to improve themselves in their chosen sports field. 

Sec 2 Outdoor Adventure Camp

The Sec 2 Camp provides an opportunity for our students to experience the outdoors and lead a rugged lifestyle outside their comfort zone.  It is a 4-day residential camp where activities include high elements, dragon boating, trekking and a campfire. The camp also allows our students to put into practice what they have learnt in their OE lessons. It also challenges them to work with students from different classes and make new friends through the camp. The camp also serves as a good training ground for the tougher OBS camp that they will attend in Sec 3. 

Sec 3 OBS Programme

As part of the National Outdoor Education Masterplan, our Sec 3 cohort attend the Outward Bound School for a 5-day programme. Physically and mentally challenging, the progammes build resilience and character amongst our students. The camp also allows our students to work in teams with students from other schools as the camp is done with at least 2 to 3 other schools. It provides the students many opportunities to learn from others as well as share their knowledge with others. The camp has become a favourite of the students and they come back with many good experiences. 

Biennial Family Day

The Family Day is the signature event in the AMKsian time in the school. Held at Sentosa, the event is another opportunity for AMKsians, staff, alumni and stake holders to bond through physical activities. The event has cohort games (netball, football, Volleyball and Frisbee) played on the beach which is a whole new experience for the students. We also have telematch, station games, mass workouts as well as a class picnic. Classes also organize their own games to keep everyone involved and engaged. In recent times, we also had our very own AMKsian Obstacle Race ala the famous Spartan Race. The Family Day is a fun filled event that is a highlight for all AMKsians! It brings all of us together as we play together as one big family.

Post-Exam Sports Programme

At the end of the year, as part of our sports exposure programme, we give our Sec 1-3 students to try out sports/physical activities that are not offered in school. The activities are as follows;

Sec 1 – Dragon Boating
Sec 2 – Inline skating & Sports Boot camp @Sports SG
Sec 3 – Bowling

These activities give students a new experience and also opens up their options on healthy living. Students pick up new skills and this allows them to broaden their options with regards to leading a healthy lifestyle, allowing to make more informed choices when they decide on what to do to stay healthy.