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Name / Designation
Mdm Lew Ching Min Jessica
(HOD Science)
Mr Vincent Voo Tech Hong
(School Staff Developer) 
 Mr Tan Shao Xun
(SH Science)
Mrs Joselyn Luei Sin Yen
(Ag. LH Assistant Year Head - US)
 Miss Tay Siew Peng
(ST Chemistry)
Mr Lee Tai Shen
Mrs Yeo Chai Hoon
Mr Ronnie Pang
Mr Yeo Chee Keong Spencer
 Mr  Chow Yan Bin
 Mr Muhammad Haziq Bin Harisfadillah
 Mr Roysmond Sim
 Mrs Jessica Knapp
Ms Ferng Yung Ying Audrey
Miss Zhang Ruifang
Miss Tan Jieying
 Ms Chai Jia Yi Zoe
 Ms Amiliyah Bte Abdul 
Ms Hun Li Shee
 Mdm Nurshuaidah Musa



Learning Journeys & Enrichment
S/No Name of Programme Objective(s) Target Group
1 Science Competition and Quiz Show
  • To apply 21st century skills to solve problems in real world context

  • To apply 21st century skills to solve problems in real world context
Sec 1
science_competition 1.jpgscience_competition 2.jpgscience_competition 3.jpg       
2 Robotics Workshop and Competition
  • To give students a platform to do simple computer programming.
  • To heighten students’ interest in Science through application of scientific concepts.
  • To allow students to interact with Scientists from A*Star
  • To apply 21st century ICT skills to solve problems in real world context
Sec 1
3 Science Investigative & Inventive Research Work
  • To develop pupils skills 
  • of inquiry, initiative and inventiveness
  • To plan simple investigations and learn that science is part of everyday life.
  • To develop pupils scientific report writing & experimental skills
  • To stimulate interest in and care for the local and global environment
  • To identify, motivate, challenge and develop pupils with research potential and interest
  • To apply 21st century ICT skills to solve problems in real world context
Sec 2E / NA/NT
science investigative_1.png

science investigative_2.jpg
4 Questa Card Programme
  • To stimulate life-long interest in science among students

  • To encourage students to work independently in areas of interest in science 
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop initiative and creativity and be self-directed learners
  • To enable the students to appreciate applications of Science in their daily life
  • To arouse pupils' interest in pursuing a Science related career
Sec 1E and 2E
5 Science Week
  • To promote the love of science through hands on activities and demonstrations

  • To enable students to apply scientific concepts through real world scenarios and situations.
  • To help students see the relevance of science concepts across all sciences
All Levels
 science week_1.jpg
       science week_2.jpg
       science week_3.jpg
       science week_4.jpg
       science week_5.jpg
       science week_6.jpg
       science week_7.jpg
       science week_8.jpg
       science week_9.jpg
       science week_10.jpg
6 Science Hub Shows and Enrichment
  • To promote the learning of science through creativity and drama.

  • To polish the oratorical skills of students.
  • To imbue in students the love for the learning of science 

Enrichment / ShowTarget 
Science 1 Science Quiz and show     Secondary 3E and 3NA Students 
Sec 2 Science Investigative project Showcase     Secondary 2E and 2NA students 
Chemical powered car     Secondary 3 Students 
    Biology, Chemistry, Physics Learning Booths, Courses (Science Week) Secondary 1-5 
Learning Journeys & Enrichment     
Secondary 1-5  
7 Collaborative learning through the use of ICT
  • To enhance pupils analytical skills by using Data-loggers to collect data for analysis using excel spreadsheet.

  • To use Google docs for collaborative learning to promote synthesis of ideas by posting reflection questions on the week’s lesson for all pupils in the class. Every pupil’s response and ideas can be seen by the entire class thus allowing peers to learn from one another.
  • To use Wikis to brainstorm and create mind maps on topics taught.
  • To use Google Powerpoint slides for presentations.eg Sec.2 Science Research Work.
  • To use apps and tools such as Kahoot, Socrative to promote learning.
All Levels
8Amazing Math & Science Trail
  • To imbue in students the love for learning for both Science and Mathematics.

  • To be able to apply concepts to solve problems in real world context.

Sec 3E
9AMKSS Amazing Science Facebook 
  • To heighten students’ interest in Science through application of scientific concepts in real world context 

All Levels
science department facebook.jpg


       Connecting students through Instagram(amkss_Science)
science department instagram.jpghttps://www.instagram.com/amkss_science/?hl=en



S/No Term Level Activity
1 Term 1 & 2 Sec 2 Science Investigative & Inventive Research Work
2 Term 3 Sec 3 Chemistry(Chemical Powered Car)Challenge/Physics Parachute challenge
3 Term 2 Sec 1 - 5 Fun with Science-Science Week(Biology/Chemistry/Physics) activites, demonstrations, Learning journeys
4 Semester 1 Sec 2 Applied Learning Programme 
5 Semester 2 Sec 1 Applied Learning Programme 
6 Term 2  Sec 1E Robotics Enrichment a collaboration with A*Star 
7 Term 4 
Sec 3 E Amazing Math & Science Race 
8 Term 4 
Sec 2 Science Investigative Project Showcase 



Students across the levels had the opportunity to learn and explore scientific concepts to see their relevance and went to the following enrichment classes/Learning journeys:
1)  Fusion World
2)  Energy Experience Programme
3)  Nanyang Polytechnic-Enrich@Health EyeQ

enrichment_activities 1.jpg

enrichment_activities 2.jpg

enrichment_activities 3.jpg
4) NKF

enrichment_activities 4.jpg
 enrichment_activities 5.jpg
 enrichment_activities 6.jpg
5) Science Centre-Course on Genetic Diseases
 enrichment_activities 7.jpg
 enrichment_activities 8.jpg
6) SUTD Event:Going where no Singaporean has gone before
 enrichment_activities 9.jpg
 enrichment_activities 10.jpg
7)  Blood Bank Learning and Blood Donation
enrichment_activities 11.jpg
 enrichment_activities 12.jpg
 enrichment_activities 13.jpg



National / International Competitions
Ignite Challenge (Finalist Schools) 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019
NUS Physics Camp challenge-One Bronze and One Silver 2019